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To cope with the rapid development of the interior decoration business and fully utilize the production capacity of the manufacturing plant of the Group, Action International Trading Company Limited has been established in 1992 to specialize in importing materials for internal consumption and exporting up-market furniture to overseas customers.

The Company possesses proven expertise in material trading especially in importing timber products including but not limited to timber floorings, veneers and solid hardwood of various species like beech, oak, maple, cherry, walnut, ash, basswood, etc from North America and Mainland Europe.

Export of up-market classy furniture is the other major business scope of the Company. With its in house design specialist in furniture products and strong manufacturing support from the Group, the Company is renowned in up-market furniture supplies to current customers in Japan and United States. Various kinds of wooden furniture products with detail specification can be viewed in this website. Our services also included product development with specific requirement on furniture design required by clients.

Current furniture products can be classified into following categories:

  1. Coffee tables (CT)
  2. Racks (RK)
  3. Trolleys (TY)
  4. Mirror Stands (MS)
  5. Tables (TB)
  6. Chairs (CR)
  7. Sofas (SF)
  8. Cabinet / drawer (CD)

All inquiry in relation to business opportunities, co-operation and customer service are all welcome!